“Having first met Carl some 15 years ago, I quickly learned to trust his judgment and advice regarding all things audio. It’s obvious that he has “big ears” when addressing his customers and he does so graciously, without hype or pressure. He consistently shares his extensive audio knowledge and expertise with a commitment to honoring the industry that brings us so much joy and beauty.”

Steve C.



We speak analog fluently so if you are a vinyl veteran, we can help you upgrade your existing rig. If you are a vinyl newbie, we can help take the mystery out of building a complete rig from scratch to suit both your needs and budget. Analog services range from expert cartridge mounting to complex projects like re-machining arm boards and custom platforms.

Affordable Audio:

Want great Hi-Fi but can't afford to spend 5 or 6 figures on a system? We will not judge anyone on the size of their wallet and can help recommend a system for any budget, including a great sounding system for less than $1,000! We also feel that regardless of budget, all customers should be treated equally...no exceptions. 


Need to sell your high-end rig? Carl is an expert at producing results quickly and can help you cash out of your old and unwanted gear with the perfect balance between speed and the greatest profit. Memorable projects include removing, selling, custom crating, and shipping a classic Cello system with 27 chassis (they don't get any bigger then that); removing and selling 5 systems from a 7,000sq' home; and several other extensive systems for clients around the Country. If you only have one piece, we can help with that too.


We specialize in a "systems approach" as that's really what an audio rig is...a system. We will never send a customer packing with a little black box just to make a sale. We will carefully evaluate your system, your budget, and your needs, only then can we help you build the system of your dreams, one step at a time and without costly mistakes or disappointments.


About to pull your hair out and no one else has been able to help or solve your problem? In over 20 years of high-end audio, I can only think of one problem that couldn't be solved...hey, the world isn't perfect. 

Room Treatment, Analysis, and Construction:

With access to the most respected experts in the industry and best treatment products, we are able to do everything room related from a minor (but shocking) upgrade to built from scratch rooms anywhere in the Country. 

System Setup:

Need your system moved or an expert setup and overhaul of an existing system? Call us! We have performed many complex installations with fully customized built-ins and gotten impossibly large equipment into the tightest of spaces, the deepest of basements, and the tallest buildings. Not to mention what an expert setup can do for an existing system. We travel across the country so if you can't get it done locally, let's talk. 

Upgrade Assistance:

Looking for no nonsense upgrade advice that always serves your best interests? This is the place to get it. Apex Audio will never put our interests ahead of yours and has the reputation to back that claim.

Carl Jerritts

Meet Carl Jerritts

Carl has 25 years of experience working in the high-end audio industry. He provides access to the best gear with unparalleled service. Read More